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Frequently Asked Questions

36. Will my name appear anywhere online?

We do not put your personal information online.

35. How do I make contact with women?

You can buy contact info of any girl you like (after we know she is interested too), you can pay through our web page. Or you can use our service “send flowers to the girl”. You will get photo of her with flowers and her email address.

34. Are your women interested in finding somebody abroad?

Registration of women in our agency means, that they are interested to find someone abroad. They understand that they must leave their work, friends and relatives in Ukraine and move to another country. If we see, the girl is not serious we delete her profile from our database.

33. Can I telephone for advice?

Of course you can call us any day and ask questions you are interested in. We are working without weekend from 10:00 till 18:00. We are always glad to help you!

32. I have tried other dating agencies with little success, why InterDating Agency?

1. All girls in our agency are real
2. We make only personal meetings
3. We can advise you your type of women, we know almost all girls personal
4. We support you during whole your staying in Kiev (apartment, driver, meetings, translations).

31. What about confidentiality?

We do not give your personal information without your agreement. Girls will get your contact information after we discuss it with you. We do not put your photo or other personal information online.

30. For how long should I come to Ukraine for meeting single Ukrainian ladies?

The most profitable option - it is a trip for a week. During this time you can meet with all the girls and re-appointed the second meeting.

29. How long lasts one meeting with lady on average?

Usually meeting lasts about two hours. You can have a chat with a cup of coffee or dinner in the restaurant.

28. How should I behave by first meeting? Handshake or kisses?

By first meeting you should show your best qualities. But in the same time it is better to stay yourself. Don’t try to impress the lady too much. Friendliness, positiveness and smile will be your best assistants by first meeting. What about handshake or kisses by first meeting, all depends on situation. As rule ladies do not expect kisses by introducing (goodbye is another thing and kiss on the cheek is acceptable). Handshake would be a great variant for first meeting. Just don’t do it too official!

27. If I want to make a present for girl by first meeting, what should I better present?

Flowers and sweets are the most common present by first meeting. It must be noticed that roses are not suitable for first acquaintance. All other flowers are acceptable. Soft toy, pleasant bauble or souvenir from your country can be a great gift. Keep in mind that your gift should not be too personal.

26. The girl said me that I should take her contact info by agency after meeting. Does it mean that she don’t want to communicate with me anymore?

It happens sometimes that the lady do not know her e-mail or phone number by heart. That’s why she may say to take her contact info by agency. It’s not a reason for panic from your side. You just need to talk to your dating assistant and get the info of the lady.

25. Where do the meetings take place: in agency or else?
You can invite a girl in a cafe or if it is dinner time for lunch. To create a relaxed atmosphere, let the lady choose the place.

24. If the meeting take place late in the evening, should I give the lady money for taxi?
Course is an optional condition of the meeting. But you can show gentleman quality and offer to the lady taxi.

23. How many girls should I select for my first arrival to Kiev?

It is hard to tell exact. All depends on your own desire. Select as much ladies as you like. You do not have to think that you have selected too much girls. The number of selected ladies may depend on the duration of your trip. Also you must keep in mind that some ladies may not be interested in meeting you. Do not take it too personal; ladies have a lot of reasons for refusing. Do not think that if you choose a lot of girls, it will characterize you as a frivolous person.

22. What should I write in my introduction letter?
Tell us about yourself, what good quality of your character, your hobbies, work. Send portrait photos and full-length, the girl could have a glimpse of you.

21. If the girl is from other city, not from Kiev, should I go to her city or invite her to Kiev?
You can go to her town. But convenient option would be for you to invite a girl in Kiev and pay for her transportation.

20. What should I wear for meeting?
Cloth should be tidy and clean, you need to feel comfortable. You always can ask us in what kind of restaurant or café you have a meeting. It is not necessarily to wear classic costume, but you should look like adequate man.

19. What is InterDating success rate?
It is very hard to say what success rate we have. Some of clients don’t like to advertise their relationship. Some of them have long relationship without marriage. But we always get wedding photos from happy pairs. In our agency you can see many of them. So, we can say surely – it works!

18. What is the difference between Ukrainian and other woman?
Ukrainian girls primarily feminine despite modern life and changing roles of men and women in many European countries. Ukrainian women are faithful to the tradition of the family, they want to be caring wives and good mothers.

17. Should I choose girls before my arrival or already in Kiev?
For preparing “dating tour” for you we need some time, so it is better if you choose girls before your arrival to Kiev. But it is not a problem if you will make a list of girls you would like to meet already in Kiev. We will contact all of them and arrange meetings ASAP

16. Should I give a feedback after meeting?

This is not obligatory. But we would be grateful for every feedback about your meetings. It would give us the better opportunity to understand what you are looking for. Information you give, would help us to make our service better, customer-friendly, to correct our mistakes, to make us more prepared for your next trip. Also it helps us to get impression of ladies you have met.

15. What is the difference between Personal Introduction Tour and Matchmaking program?
The main difference between these packages is the amount of services. The Matchmaking program will help you to make your selection if you are not sure or have no time do it yourself. Our experienced staff will found best match according your wishes. Personal Introduction Tour will match you if you know for 100% what you are looking for. More information you can get here.

14. I want to meet beautiful Ukrainian single woman. Is it actually possible?
Yes, it is possible, Ukrainian girls are famous for their beauty and the main goal of their life is to create family, to have children, to love and be loved.

13. I am already 50 years. I want to meet girl much younger than me. Would it be a problem?

The age difference accepted by the women is bigger in Ukraine. But all depends actually on every specific lady. Don’t think that lady will refuse to meet with you without asking her. In every situation it is better to ask and maybe you will be surprised with the amount of positive answers.

12. What is the reason why Ukrainian women want to be with foreigner?

In most of the cases our women looking for foreign man have endured negative experience. They believe that man from other countries haven’t lost all that qualities that the women want to find in her chosen one, in father of her children. Sometimes women are looking for stability and better life abroad. It is hard to say in general, every woman is specific and has her own life experience and life goals.

11. Can you give me some dating tips? How should I behave by first meeting?
The main thing - to create a relaxed atmosphere. Smile and friendly attitude will undoubtedly help you.

10. What is the difference between your agency and other agencies proposing to communicate with Ukrainian lady?
First of all we are REAL, it means that all girls you see in our database are real. They are serious and want to have relationship with single foreign man for creation a family. You pay only for organized meetings, not for letters from “fictional” girls.

9. Could the girl that I like come to visit me?
Yes, she can. But we recommend you to make first meeting in Ukraine. The first meeting on “girl’s territory” make her feel comfortable and create trust worseness to you. For next meeting you can invite your ladylove to your country.

8. Could you help me to find tender Ukrainian wife that would be glad to move to my country?
Yes, our main function is matchmaking of people from different countries. All girls from our database are interested in foreign single men and ready to move from Ukraine.

7. Who will be my dating agent?

In our agency we have experienced staff speaking English, German and Spanish. Your dating-assistant will contact you after your registration. Your assistant will answer all questions and help with organization of your dating-trip. You will get all contacts of your assistant and from other managers, so you will be able reach us at any moment you need.

6. I am not sure about which package to use. Please help me.
We have two basic programs for clients: Personal Introduction tour and Matchmaking Services. All items on the service you will find on the site

5. How long does it take to get a response from girls?
Usually the girl response during one day.

4. Do many Ukrainian women speak English?
In our catalogue most girls speak English. For non-speaking English girls we have interpreters, who are ready to help during the meeting.

3. How many times should I come to Ukraine in order to find my match?
It is hard to say how many times you need to come to Ukraine to find your love. Some of our clients find their match being first time in Ukraine; other men need more time to make their choice.

2. Is Ukrainian girl who joins a dating agency ready to marry immediately?
For knowing each other you need some time. By different people it is different period of time. Everything depends on you. Sometimes your feelings don’t need much time to get stronger and girls are ready to merry you immediately.

1. What is the best time for my dating trip to Ukraine?

You can come to Ukraine at any time. All depends on your own preferences in seasons. You should only notice that in some periods it could be easier to meet ladies you want, for example on summer some ladies could be in vacations and on winter spend their holidays with their families. But in general there is no big difference in what time you would come. Just select the best period for you.