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Article: Ukrainian women myths

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9004 Ukrainian women myths
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22 April, 2014
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Not always all the information that we get from different sources is true. What have you heard about Ukrainian women and is it really so? First-hand information in this article.
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Article by Alicia, Ukrainian women myths

"Myth 1: Men foreigners who are looking for wives in Ukraine are old, ugly or mentally unbalanced. Perhaps 5 % of men is over 50 years. But the main suitors age is 35-45 years . Such candidates can not be called old. As for the exterior, there is no accounting for tastes. From my experience, I can say that men that come are different. Basically, grooms well educated, have higher education and business. They have a foundation under their feet, they are willing to provide for the family and life partner can offer good conditions. Myth 2 Forms of the girls are fake Many people distrust dating agencies and do not believe that these pictures of girls are real. They think that girls are too beautiful and suspect that they are commercial girls. Of course, any woman can register in the marriage agency, and some of the profiles are not serious. But the majority of Ukrainian girls are really very beautiful and still looking for a husband. Myth 3: Ukrainian women are willing to marry an old man Naturally, this myth is very beneficial to the marriage agencies, as any man can hope to find at the age of young and beautiful wife. but do not forget that a woman is a woman, a reasonable difference in age willing to take both sides. But the difference is more than 15 years is a very rare case. So do not believe everything they say. Myth 4 Ukrainian woman would be hard to move to another country and adapt Almost all the girls in marriage agency have higher education; know one or more foreign languages and they are easily trained. Also they are very independent, want to work and be able earn their money. Most women who marry a foreigner find a work in his country, or help her husband on business. "